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Entrepreneur, Innovator
Beauty & Wellness Expert , Access Consciousness Bars Practioner, Life Coach, Writer

Our Packages

Package inclusions:

• Sun Dating Ritual ( Every Morning)
A unique self love ritual innovated by Ritika Vasudev to love, heal and grow.
• 2 Sessions on Self Love for success
• Yoga
• Pranayam
• Vegetarian meals full board
• 1 ayurveda treatment – rejuvenation massage (1 time during the stay period).)
• 1 ayurveda lecture session
• 1 cooking demonstration session

• Air tickets
• Personal Expenses ( shopping, Laundry,)
• Any additional travel cost outside retreat
• Any expense other than mentioned in the package

Sun dating

‘Sundating’ ritual is  to guide people find their inner harmony for love, peace, joy.
Sundating rituals bring balance between the trinity of mind-body-soul.

Sun Dating ritual is a spiritual work out done at sunrise. It purifies soul, removes negative thoughts and fills one with love.
It involves self love, gratitude, manifestation.

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

About Me

Innovator Sun Dating Ritual
Founder Sun Dating Wellness
International Success Coach
Influencer, Speaker, Writer
Beauty & Wellness Exper

I am Ritika Vasudev.
I am on a mission to touch millions of lives through Sundating ritual for self love and manifestation to spread love, joy, peace for helping you live a fulfilled life.

Beauty and Wellness  Offerings

Technical Consultation

Are you planning to set up a salon or a  beauty school.

Training and Content Development

Developing curriculum, lesson plans, assignments for academies, workshops for Corporate trainings.


Learn and Earn Workshops

Learn how one can sustain easily in the beauty industry.

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Wellness Retreats


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Recent Articles


SunDating Benefits for Self Confidence
Sun Dating ritual improves self Image by easing up energy flow in the body . The energy or prune is very vital in our well being.
It improves cellular activity and boosts immunity. Better immunity results in better functioning of mind-body. Our body functions in unison of the trinity of mind-body-soul.
Sun dating improves self confidence. You begin to notice positive changes in other key areas of life like business, relationship with self and others.
Sun dating ritual is coined by me for embracing self in “Totality”.By doing so you raise your vibrations to a higher level of love, manifestation and success.

Why Threadolysis Now in India and not before:

Yes, this amazing technique existed in USA for over past two decades. Reason you did not heard about it for multiple reason. Likewise, till COVID-19 outbreak, and unexpected alien disease which made global economies stop, peoples of the countries stand still. Until...

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