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As a business n life coach , I offer you a protected climate to open your heart to allow me to serve you in laying out a roadmap to your personal - professional goals.
I help you to :
Pinpoint your objective
Become certain from being uncertain
Make a game plan to arrive at your goal.

I Speak

Interaction :
The main job I play is in assisting you with seeking your objectives.
I help you to get the mist free from your mind.
Tasks are given to overcome any barrier, limiting belief among meetings to bring more clarity, as we walk this way together.
I give responsibility and support enroute as you work along for effectively seeking after your goal.
I engage you.
I assist you in your journey to move forward from where you are to where you want to be.

I Train

How it works
*I deep dive in with you in investigating your fears, limiting beliefs, obstacles
* I keep in contact by means of email.
* I keep you accountable to remain focused
* I walk along as you find your purpose , passion.

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 Happy Customers (Testimonials)

Shilpa Sri - Dehradun

Shilpa Sri - Dehradun


I am lucky to find Ritika as my life coach. I contacted her when I was going through a crises in my career. Through a series of conversations, she guided me into believing in myself. I started following the simple rituals in my daily life that initially seemed ineffective but were actually transforming. I began to see changes in my life and my surroundings. I am now a more confident person in the path to achieve my goals.

Preeti Popli - Business Owner Mumbai

Preeti Popli - Business Owner Mumbai


Ritika Opened My Eyes, Heart & Mind Into Positivity. Thanks to her guidance. As yoyu feel you become, She said me during my despair and her guidance helped me to sail through the toughest time and emerge out as a person who stood up strong from ashes. Ritika not only guided me in emotional and mental upheavals but also Enlighted me on work related decisions.

Radhika Sharma Sital - Vice President  HCL Technologies

Radhika Sharma Sital - Vice President HCL Technologies


Thank you Ritika Vasudev
Excellent experience on challenging our mind and chanelising energy towards unleashing mental strength.
The sessions on overcoming anxiety, fear, uncertainty to accomplishing goals has been wonderful.
Thank you for showing me my inner strength.


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