About Me

I am Ritika Vasudev.

As your success coach I will personally analyze your current situation, limiting beliefs and challenges you face.
I will devise a custom plan to reach your desired outcome.
I will show you the path of self love to create your desired life.
Love heals and allows growth, growth in any area of your life.
It all begins by loving self unconditionally and dropping self judgement.

I am on a mission to touch millions of lives through Sundating ritual for self love and manifestation to spread love, joy, peace for helping you live a fulfilled life.

I am on a mission to touch millions of lives to spread love, joy, peace.

In my quest to guide people to live to their highest potential, I learned many tools and techniques like NLP, Access Consciousness Bars, Yoga, Naturopathy maximising results in  coaching.


I realised in my professional journey as a Beauty & Wellness professional mindset is important than skillset.


I impacted many lives with my mindset  trainings and workshops.

As I progressed on my path to coach people, I realised that the core of any training, coaching, achievement begins with self awareness and self love. Self love comes with your beliefs and values.


I innovated ‘Sundating’ to guide people find their inner harmony for love, peace, joy.

Sundating rituals bring balance between the trinity of mind-body-soul.


Sun is the supreme power that lights up the world.

It’s energy flows inside us as ‘Prana’.

The smooth flow of prana is vital to a healthy life and well being.

Sundating rituals improve self image, confidence for achieving higher purpose and fulfillment in life.


SunDating Wellness offers programs to improve self image through workshops (online / offline) coaching, mentoring and wellness retreats.


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