Technical Consultation

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Training and Content Development

1. Developing curriculum, lesson plans, assignments for academies, workshops for Corporate trainings.

2. Train the Trainer program. Product / Brand Training Workshops.

3. Let us be your ambassador / partner to develop new market / SOP / techniques.

4. Product Training to retail and sales team.

5. Soft skills Training International Placement Assistance (Ship/ Cruise Liner).

6. Openings for Beauty Therapist, Nail Artist, Hairdressers, Make-up Artist, Spa Therapist

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Learn and Earn Workshops

1. Make up

2. Skin Hair

3.  Nails

4. Eyes & Brows

5. Spa

6. Ayurveda

7. Panchkarma

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The vision is to empower  all including   youth  and women  by bridging the skill gap thru learn and earn workshops and classes, creating new avenues by partnering with like-minded organizations in creating a platform for bringing a positive change in the lives of people through skilling and mentoring. The learn and earn workshops will help in skilling, up skilling new and existing workforce, generating self-employment.

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