Love is magical and transformational. Love is the highest frequency where healing, manifestation begins.

Any lower frequency than love is non manifesting, non result oriented. creating dis-ease in the body.

How many times have we created this magic for ourselves as Self -love?

Since childhood we have witnessed relationships beginning from our family to friends, pets, colleagues and so on . How many times have we acknowledged our own relationship with our own self .

Most of the people live in their minds in the state of “not being ENOUGH”.This state is very unfulfilling making them feel incomplete  from with in.The thought just does not stop here. It impacts thinking pattern, reasoning , acting and behaving.  It is a no brainer about what  impact and outcome this person will create in his life.

The only way to move forward from this  mindset is nurturing your self with self love and forgiveness.

Self Love or acceptance opens up many new avenues which never seem to exist before.New opportunities start showing up .

If you want to transform your life start loving yourself and accept yourself without making judgements.

Do it for one week , just say I love you ( name) several times a day and watch your life change magically.When you start saying this magical phrase to yourself you start changing frequency of your mindset of not being enough to enough. When you start feeling enough from inside healing begins at emotional level and changes our behaviour. Our new enhanced behaviour makes us take fulfilling actions.

A transformation inside changes the world outside.

Love Heal Grow

Ritika Vasudev



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