Yes, this amazing technique existed in USA for over past two decades. Reason you did not heard about it for multiple reason. Likewise, till COVID-19 outbreak, and unexpected alien disease which made global economies stop, peoples of the countries stand still. Until then, no one though threading technique was contagious and unhygienic in India.
The inventor Mrs. Oberoi designed this technique ages ago not thinking of some global pandemic. She did it mainly for two reasons:

  1. Her own personal safety and standardization of services in her salons, as well, in the industry where she was actively working that is in USA.
  2. Secondly U.S. is the country of law / boards and standardization. So she took an initiative to work on traditional ways of hair removal (threading) and replace it with “Threadolysis”.

Why now in India:

  1. This technique has existed for over two decades in U.S. and as lack to hygiene standards, non-standardization practices in most the places in world, likewise in India it was not promoted.
  2. As we are facing an alien disease and challenge and people have started to create new ways of living their lives, where people have started to learn work from home is the time when the inventor (Mrs. Manju Oberoi) decided to take this to next level and promote it globally.

To conclude:
There are many unknown inventions, option and opportunities which exists in world, that are not known to billions and explored only when no other option left. Since inventor found the necessity to do it then and many find it important to do it now.
I hope I was able to answer all your queries and concerns. Additional queries are appreciated.
Stay safe, stay blesses!! Be happy enjoy the best!!

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Ritika Vasudev

COO ( India SUb – Division)

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